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World of tanks “REVOLT”

Let's dive into GameDev

I joined the big GameDev community in 2016 and it was an exciting experience because of Wargaming, one of the biggest game companies in the world.  Actually, I started to be a part of the Mobile Games DevOps team as a web and publishing designer. Based on Kyiv office of Wargaming we already involved in the creation process of a new step-by-step mobile game called Revolt. 

Roll on, team!

In fact, my global task was to create a couple of new options of game UI as well as an environment visualization and ads.  No sooner said than done, and we’ve done some excellent pitches and drafts. After this, I focused on advertisement creation, such as AppStore stuff, icons, banners, etc.

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Mission incomplete

There were a lot of textures, renders, modeling, illustrations at this project. We’ve collaborated with a Seattle team occupied in the USA.  I was engaged in the process of creating SMM materials and user requisition stuff as well. But unfortunately, before the alpha testing process, the global management had decided to close up this project. 

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