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The biggest TV-channel in Ukraine.

STB was the biggest TV channel in my country when I had started to work there. About 4 000 employers were working in. So I worked there for more than 3 years as a web designer as a part of team which were developed a corporative web site and many different subdomains. There were a lot of famous TV-shows and programs and they needed to be supported.

I was not alone

Could you imagine I was the one web designer in the whole creative team? The most important issue was to develop the main website which has been visited by more than 1 million users a day. Additionally, I had a task to draw and create a special application STB-IDIet. So It was a really great time.

I did a lot of stuff

I had the responsibilities of a multifunctional designer as well as a web designer so I had a lot of tasks and issues with content creation. Some of the TV shows had a lot of launching seasons such as X-factor etc. So they have needed many designers works time by time. 

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