the task

So the task was to create game NFT called  Quarts of the Deep. Type Catalyst. Company provided me a sort of moodboard ( link) .  Firstly, I decided to make research to dive deeply in this topic . I’ve collected some references using Pinterest, Google, Deviart etc. 

first iterations

After researching I made some options using Illustrator and Photoshop.  Trying to use different ways I decided to create some vector and raster pictures mixing some of them with stones. 

second iterations

After that I’ve decided to change direction and started to use old kind 3DsMAx.  I created a model of crystal with five cylinders. After that I spent some time to create scene and glass material.  It was awesome to play with light and figure outing maps.  Also I’ve created a little animation to display how it amazing is.  The result were awesome.

third iterations

The team was very pleased. But not me.  They choose tree option pf six. Eventually I decided to dig more.  For sure the topic of crystals drove me so much. In particular, that time I was interested  AI and spending time play with NFT’s and neural networks. So I created some cool thighs. Here the best of them: 


Also I created some vulcano gems crystal . Hope you enjoy. 

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