Spontaneously made animated video, but this thing I’m fully proud of.
This is a touching story about the dead ship was met by scuba diver at the bottom of the ocean. This is about memories and hopes.


I was born near the Azov Sea and my father is a sailor which also has made a lot of boats and yachts. I have always been interested in everything related to the sea and boats, as well as I’m a big fan of  Das Boot  movie. 
 I’ve decided to make some submarine and animate it. But, honestly I didn’t like the result.  That was a garbage: 

second iterations

Eventually, I changed direction and decided to create a ship that sank and rested at the bottom of the ocean. So I’ve created several iterations. The results were much better. 


First, I separated the Object from the background in Photoshop and collect necessary music and SFX.  Basically, I’m using Adobe After Effects for that purpose. 

final video

Eventually, I add some video of fishes, whales and orcs to to enhance the dramatic effect and add some ‘reality’ into hole picture. The result impressed me. I was proud of myself. Hope you enjoy this video as well. 

Midjourney+Photoshop+After effects
#midjourney #aftereffects #ship #ocean

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